DANNY KRIVIT | The Garage Box *Edits By Mr. K*


the garage box *edits by mr. k*


A. Let's Get Together *7" Edit by Mr. K*
B. Somebody Else's Guy *7" Edit by Mr. K*
C. Evolution *7" Edit by Mr. K*
D. Catch The Rhythm *7" Edit by Mr. K*
E. Haven't Been Funked Enough *7" Edit by Mr. K*
F. Education *7" Edit by Mr. K*
G. Standing In Line *7" Edit by Mr. K*
H. Slap Slap Lickedy Lap *7" Edit by Mr. K*
I. I May Not Be There *7" Edit by Mr. K*
J. Changes *7" Edit by Mr. K*


Mr. K and Most Excellent Unlimited are back with another must have motherlode of ten essential cuts on 7-inch, assembling a serious cross-section of diverse jams that were particularly popular at The Garage, majority of which appearing on 7-inch for the very first time in any form, let alone in these unique quintessential edits. Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael production, female diva classic "Let's Get Together" backed with a previously unreleased NYC Peech Boys demo version of "Somebody Else's Guy." Tough South Bronx funk "Standing In Line". Synth epic, Krivit's classic edit of "Evolution". Disco Funk edit of Larry Levan's "Slap, Slap, Lickedy Lap". With much more in this diverse and remarkably sought after tracklist, surprises, like "Catch The Rhythm" (the only Boris Midney production regularly played at The Garage), along with Mr. K's previously Japan-only edit of Loleatta Holloway tour de force "I May Not Be There When You Want Me". Five singles impressively mastered with maximum fidelity and playability for an exclusive Record Store Day, including a bonus pair of newly designed, Mr. K seven-inch slipmats.