DEREK RUSSO | Belly Of The Whale


belly of the whale


A. Embryonic Speck
B1. Night Sea Journey
B2. Straddling


For his return to Make Mistakes, Derek Russo ventures into the Belly of the Whale with three pieces of beautiful, retro future, dance floor chic.

Embryonic Speck opens up the record, evoking classic rave beats, in a crisp, clear, modern style. With this cut, Derek has crafted a late-night slayer for the discerning dance floor. A relentless groove drives the track along, creating the hypnotic, smoky dreams of rave's past.

Night Sea Journey takes it down into disco depths. A wandering bassline swaggers through the track, crashing through dark waves of sound. Sexy and mysterious, made to drag the sweaty sea on the dance floor through the night.

Straddling, a piece of timeless, familiar house music, rounds things out by bringing in a touch more warmth and whimsy. Still for the darkness, but with a lighter mood, and booty wiggle bass. Deep, and grooving, with a playful sexiness, what more could you ask for?