DISCO BOOK | An Encyclopedic Guide To Cover Art  Of Disco Records


an encyclopedic guide to cover art of disco records

Label: Soul Jazz
Cat No: 978-095726002-3

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This book features the amazing artwork of more than 2000 disco record cover designs from the 1970's up to the mid-1980's that together create a unique visual history of disco music and culture.

In addition to the stunning artwork collected within, the book also includes interviews with a number of key figures who shaped disco music including Mel Cheren (founder of West End Records), Henry Stone (founder of TK Records), Ken Cayre (co-founder of Salsoul), and Marvin Schlachter (founder of Prelude). 

The book includes forewards by Tom Moulton and Nicky Siano (The Gallery), as well as histories, biographies and discographies of the major disco record companies.

There are also sections on roller disco, disco introduction albums, over 350 12-inch designs, a scrapbook of disco ads and tons more!

Presented by Disco Patrick & Patrick Vogt
Introduction and Interviews by Claes 'Discoguy' Widlund

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