DJ ROCCA & LEO ALMUNIA | Ever Changing Bubbles *Deep88 Mixes*


ever changing bubbles *deep88 mixes*

Label: Claremont 56
Cat No: C56073

Status: LANDED

12" balearic dub electronic single


A. DJ ROCCA & LEO ALMUNIA | Ever Changing Bubbles *Deep 88 Belaeric Mix*
B. DJ ROCCA & LEO ALMUNIA | Ever Changing Bubbles *Deep 88 Dub Mix*


In October 2018 DJ Rocca and Almunia member Leo Ceccanti joined forces to deliver "Rhythm Collision", a three-track EP of jangling, sun-kissed grooves, psychedelic dub disco and Afro-Cosmic flavours on Really Swing. 18 months on, one of that set's standout cuts has been given a new lease of life courtesy of fellow Italian producer Alessandro Pasini AKA Deep 88.

Since making his debut a decade ago, Pasini has earned a reputation as one of house music's understated heroes – an artist whose hardware driven, retro-futurist take on deep house tends towards the timeless, melodic and atmospheric. With a deep love of turn-of-the-90s dream house, Larry Heard productions and sun-baked chords, his dancefloor-focused productions have often been called Balearic.

It's perhaps fitting then that his reworks of Rocca and Cecanti's "Ever Changing Bubbles" are as Balearic as they come. His "Balearic Mix" sets the tone, with Pasini layering trippy, dubbed-out and ear-catching elements – Ceccanti's eyes-closed electric guitar solos, jangling acoustic guitar chords, warm dub disco bass, echoing spoken word samples, fluttering flute solos, drowsy organ motifs and the pair's delay-heavy vocals – atop a crunchy, head-nodding, live style beat. While it deviates from the duo's original version, it inhabits a similar sonic space – albeit in a more dancefloor-friendly way.

Pasini excels himself on the accompanying "Balearic Dub", stripping the cut back to its raw essentials – drums, metronomic bass –while toughening up the percussion and adding delay-laden instrumental snippets. It's warm, woozy and otherworldly, with echoing voices, tactile musical motifs and restless delay trails combining to create a suitably hazy and intoxicating mood. By the time the touchy-feely flute and acoustic guitars begin to dance across the sound space, you'll be lost in the groove and too happy to notice.