DJ STONER DAD | Raw Romantics EP


raw romantics ep

Label: Transatlantyk

Format: 12" Import
Cat: TRNS011

ambient breakbeat deepness downtempo house rack


With his new release the polish Transatlantyk sails into - as yet uncharted - waters of the 'lol- fi' breakbeat house scene to bring you the debut of DJ Stoner Dad.

Not much is known about the man behind the nickname, except that he is a DJ, a dad and that he likes getting his hits from the bong on during the infamously long Warsaw afterparties. The "Raw Romantics EP" showcases his own take on the deeply saturated, smokey and breakbeat-infused house genre.

'Fake Strings' is a certified banger alluring the dancefloor with a great combo of rolling bass, squashed kicks and hats, grimy, atmospheric pads and a bits of spoken word thrown in. 'Magic Phunk' brings THAT break again and for a good measure. Drums are floating over an ocean worth of blazing pads, liquid synths, acid riffs, pillowy, yet dirty chords and whatever else DJ Stoner Dad could lay his hands on at the time.

'IV' is a full frontal ambient jam, with little bits of wandering drums coming into the picture at the very end. Finally 'V' brings cinematic influences over slightly uneasy slow groove.