EL GUIRI | Edits 1


edits 1

Label: El Guiri Discos
Cat No: EGD001


12" balearic edits nu disco single Spain


A. Barna Farandula
B1. Monigote Dub
B2. Sin Ti Yo No


The story, the myth, la leyenda. It was summer, my amigos said "you have to come, you won’t believe it!". It was decided, vamos a España! Time to exchange the grey skies f or a little bit of Mar y Sol! We landed, uno cerveza por favor! Days spent recharging on the playa or by the pool. Nights in discotheques dancing under the stars as anonymous f reestyle DJ’s supplied the most exciting eclectic musica. Together in harmony with the chicest chicos and chicas I had ever seen. I was in a dream. My lif e f orever transf ormed. I’d f allen in love. I never looked back…This is where I belong. El Guiri Discos. Long forgotten Spanish UnClassics, hand picked con amor f rom dusty bargain bins, respectfully re-touched and re-shaped for the most open minded, modern Balearic Beat selector.