ELLEORDE | Open Wide And Eat The Future


open wide and eat the future

Label: Forest Jams Originals

Format: 12" Domestic
Cat: FJO002

balearic cosmic disco oc psychedelic rack rock trip hop


Elleorde was born 3 years ago at Camp Cosmic, an anything-goes music festival in the Swedish forest that's recently been relocated to the German countryside. Elleorde's debut record shares the same themes as the fest with a combination of time travel, cosmos, space exploration, sunsets on exotic planets, and universal love. Not to mention, these are Forest Jams, mind you. The UK one-man project, (previously Den Haan) draws influences from War, Dexter Wansel, Tantra, Cerrone, Ennio Morricone, Supermax, you get the idea. Step in to the Battlestar Gallactica, Open Wide and Eat the Future.