ESS O ESS | Take You To A Secret Place  *Kuniyuki & Angophora Rmxs*


take you to a secret place *kuniyuki & angophora rmxs*


Ess O Ess (aka Chris Stoker and Jamie Blanco) return to Not An Animal to further indulge in the organic house territories previously mined for the previous releases. The duo have an uncanny nack for deftly balancing the rockier end of Disco with the authenticity of early house, and never more so than on "Secret Place. The original bounces and struts in a pleasingly groove laden hypnotic fashion, while the dub version turns down the guitars and turns up the synthesisers for a more heads-down dance floor excursion. On remix detail Kuniyuki Takahashi makes his 1st appearance on the label. On the vinyl you'll find an interpretation which can be best be described as pitched-down balearic-techno, which clicks, clacks and folds upon itself, drowning in waves of reverbed drama-drums at a deceptively low tempo. Kuniyuki also provides a second remix as a digital exclusive, mildly pulling back on the pomp of the vinyl version, but replacing it with a spacious pathos, complete with backwards guitars that reminiscent of an electronic within without you era Beatles. Angaphora make their NAAR debut with their own wildly stirring remix of the lead track, which evokes the golden era of 80s melodic pop music to bewildering success, laden with digitised emotion, singing ebow guitar, and not a kick drum in site.