ETHIMM | When In Dark *Feat Lexx*


when in dark *feat lexx*


Ethimm's second EP When in dark delivers the groups signature tension music with moods oscillating between suicidal heartbreak and conciliatory optimism. In the opening track Why (a cover of the Rhythm and Sound classic), producer Elisabeth Thimm sets the stage for guest singer Veronique to mourn love's loss, while Brian Gimmel's improvised piano licks hold strong agains the songs relentless bassline. The follow-up track Late features Lexx's dreamy lyrics gracing a subtle dance foor tune for spaced-out souls. The B side opens with Ethimm's love for dub. Next is a freaked-out meditation on what has been and will be, while the fnal track Done slowly creeps towards its peak, refecting on dark days where light may have not been much in sight, but going forward sees optimism, increased resolution, and drive.