FELIPE GORDON | Deep Fried Banana


deep fried banana

Label: Flat White
Cat No: FW002


12" electronic house jazzy


A1. Deep Fried Banana *Ft Vagabundo Club Social*
A2. Groove 37
B1. Fighting Momios With Acid And Jazz
B2. 707 Banger
B3. Deep Fried Banana *The Last Trip To Gandahar Rmx*


Release number two on the recently birthed Flat White Records, is a 5 track piece of genius from Felipe Gordon, the man who's hot on everybody's lips at the moment. Not only does he run Nomada Records, the Colombian has previously had releases with the likes of Church, Toy Tonics, Quintessentials and Secret Crunch. He has now teamed up with Flat White Records to bring you an EP that proves that Felipe is definitely one to watch!

Deep Fried Banana ft Vagabundo Club Social
The title track gets off to a seemingly tame start, engulfing the listener with a combination of Rhodes, percussion and vocals. However this doesn't last for long.. The track then erupts into what is a sure fire dance floor destroyer! Fellow Colombian countrymen Vagabundo Club Social also feature on the track. Think palm trees, coconuts and a fat Pina Colada!

Groove 37
Here we have a track that showcases what Felipe is known for, working his magic with jazz samples. Groove 37 features dreamy piano riffs, paired with sharp percussion and stabs of one of Felipe's many synthesizers. These are all pulled together by a huge bassline that you cant help but groove to. The track features a vocal sample which gives instructions on how to dance.. Like you need any help with this one!

Fighting Momios with Acid and Jazz
After an almost hypnotic start, a thumping kick and crunchy bass soon turn this track into a bit of a stomper. Just as you get going, Felipe has yet again worked his wizardry by including some romantic piano samples which continue throughout. A lazy brass solo is the final ingredient in what is one hell of a tasty track.

707 Banger
Pounding drums, vocal shots and chord stabs. This up-tempo jam is a peak time banger. Once the relentless intro has got you warmed up, you're introduced to a faultless bassline and synth combo. When you're then hit with the acid, you'll lose your shit.

Deep Fried Banana (The Last Trip To Gandahar Remix)
City Fly and Leicester's very own "The Last Trip To Gandahar" has worked his magic on the title track to come up with what can almost be described as a very classy, disco dub. By chopping and changing elements of the original, "Last Trip" has created a builder that eventually peaks with a trance inducing mix of percussion, vocals and chords, before throwing you back into the disco stomper that it once was.