FERNANDO | Fernando




A1. Procrastinator
A2. Best Tarantula
A3. Actual Job
A4. Briga De Chatos
A5. Retina
A6. Grow Junction
A7. You Live In A Movie

B1. Shadow Patrol
B2. Wood Rider
B3. Entra Vampiros E Piranhas
B4. Transcendental Grater
B5. Me Espanto
B6. Conspirational Silence
B7. Erotic moments
B8. A Praga


Fernando from Sao Paulo, Brasil (not the one from Buenos Aires, Argentina) now currently residing in the outskirts of Europe, Fernando may be better known for his more floor oriented releases as Innsyter or Seixlack. For this release, his first lp under his given name, we get a vast array of mutant electronics with surprisingly insane, almost pop, songwriting structure over 15 tracks.

These songs conjure up a weird netherworld where all things bizarre and wrong come to head and spiral out of control. Think the drum machine driven punk funk dub outs of 80s New York City meets the catchy low fi charm of Ariel Pink combined with the element of chewed up VHS cassettes getting spit out of the machine and your on the right track. Fernando manages to create a truly unique sound that's equal parts catchy yet has sinister, underlying back alley undertones.