power clown


A1. Bovine Funk
A2. The New Cannonball
A3. Here Comes Pissy Willy
B1. Throwing Down A Shape
B2. Bumpkin Riots
B3. President Chimp Toe
C1. Firelanes
C2. It Loved To Happen
C3. Little Hands Rouge
C4. Tunstall And Californian Haddock
D1. Feathery Legs
D2. A Wince Of Sumo
D3. The Speewah


The eclecticism and organic warmth of Fila Brazillia's electronica continue to amaze on Power Clown, one of their finest efforts to date. Laid-back jazz-funk grooves straight out of the '70s are the foundation of the record, but hints of Stevie Wonder-esque soul, hip-hop, bossa nova, ambient, spacey techno, house, minimalist electro, big-beat and trip-hop all pop up here and there, as do touches of ethnic percussion, acoustic guitar, saxophone solos, new age-y synth flourishes, and the occasional odd vocal sample or sound effect. What really pushes Power Clown over the top, though, is that the group maintains their focus throughout, never meandering and changing things up often enough to keep the grooves from becoming repetitive. One of the finest and most over-looked electronic-dance releases of 1998.