FOLAMOUR | The Journey


the journey

Label: FHUO
Cat No: 8971


12" double electronic house


A1. Ono Waterfall
A2. The Journey
A3. Resonate
B1. Rue De Pardis
B2. Latecoere
B3. Lost In Space
C1. St Moskov
C2. Truth
C3. We Gotta Wake Up This World From Its Sleep
D1. My Brother's Keeper
D2. La Fin Des Vacances
D3. Just Want Happiness



The Journey is the autobiographical account of Folamour's last two years, spent between airports and stages, London, France and the rest of the world, between crowds and solitudes, between highs and lows. The album, due out in June, is composed of metropolises and no-man's-land, inspired by moments that surprised and touched the artist. To express all these emotions, Folamour puts aside samples and computers to concentrate on writing lyrics, recording strings and brass, drums and vocals in order to be as close as possible to the moment. No limits of format, nor of genre, the total freedom to choose the tool adapted to the picture.

This album is the sum of chance and encounters, an initiatory rite, as much in form as in content, the tale of a life with all that it can contain of joys and trials, as much in its writing and production as in its message. "The Journey" mixes contemporary sadness, isolation of artists, but also wonder at the simple pleasures of life and the discoveries it brings with it, it is neither a joyful nor a sad and disillusioned tale, it is the sum of all that and the rest too.