FRANCISCO & COSMO | Linea Beat Vol. 3


linea beat vol. 3

Label: Slow Motion

Format: 12" Import
Cat: SLOMO026

cosmic electronic house italo Re-stocks


Linea Beat is Slow Motion’s latest offshoot, focusing strictly on the whacked out sounds of mid-eighties electronic disco. Long term label partner Francisco has turned his Drum machines up to 11 and set lazers stun on this jacking disco 12″

Side A sees Cosmo joining the fun bringing along with him the ghost of cult Italo favourites Fun Fun for a throbbing excursion into sunrise elettro. Hands will be in the air for this one for sure.

On the flip things are sleali, breezy and pulsating with the swagger of Rimini in 1986. Take It implores you to do just that.. take it… shake it.. make it. On the dancefloor of course.

Two more stone cold classics to add to the Slow Motion cannon.