GARRETT | Private Life 2


private life 2

Label: Music From Memory

Format: LP Import
Cat: MFM036

downtempo electonic funk future jazz This Week


1. Gotta Get Through It
2. Changes
3. Awaiting The Light
4. Warm Sentiments
5. TSitting At The Bar
6. Conflicted Lovers
7. Stay


Perceptions. That is what Garrett deals in. Not the kind that hit you from off a screen, the ones that emerge from the macro. He steps outside of himself during the recording process, so it’s only right for the listener to do the same. This is for wide open spaces, open lanes, pulled off on the viewpoint of your psychological freeway. Some might call it a medication, you may find it better as an application to your everyday. Not a bite sized ready-for-review consumption. Let it drape over you like a cloak