With the musical institution that the guitar constitutes, Golden Retriever sets out to change its paradigm with very simple means, creating a void between genres and ideas to be in, grinning in its essence yet at times grounded with serious introspective ingredients.

With only an iPhone as a recording studio, Golden Retriever has created the EP in a very minimalistic sense, not only when it comes to sheer production elements but also through that instruments chosen to use.

Having a background in various other scenes, you could say it's a consequence of leftover creativity and exploratory passion that didn't fit in anywhere else at the moment.

The sonic palette is naive, luscious and surprisingly thick and sturdy considering the limitations of both instruments and recording equipment used. 

With unassailable melodies that are equally captivating as ravishing, it seduces you with the same drifter romantics and beautiful scenery as you would find in any classic country song without following the same structure.

Whenever a string of the guitar is plucked, struck or touched, it invokes feelings of both adventurous joy, but sometimes also the sadness of leaving something behind.