GOSHAWK | Strictly Bungalow


strictly bungalow

Label: Quintessentials

Status: LANDED

12" deepness electronic house single


A1. Never Let Me Go
A2. Why I Sing
B1. All I Have To Give
B2. Time Is Just A Loop


Time for another new face on Quintessentials: Goshawk! Been around with differnt projects for ages, this East Midlands lad has always been one of the finest exponents of eccentric deep house. Releasing tons of quality music on labels like Hudd Traxx, Boogie Café, DiY Discs or his co-owned Pressed for Time and Atjazz forthcoming, we simply couldn't resist signing Goshawk. The "stricly bungalow ep" offers classic house music and 110 slowdown tunes and is full of fun and vibes, rough yet smooth! "Never let me go" is an uplifting, sexy vocal track, "why I sing" is one of two slowdown tunes with a nice dosage of funk, "all I have to give" is a rather dark club banger and "time is just a loop" is a minimalistic slowish chugger. Yes, strictly bungalow!