GUSTAAF AND S&W | It's More Fun To Commute


it's more fun to commute

Label: Prongof108
Cat No: PNG002


12" boogie downtempo electronic house single


A1. Golden Bamboo Salon
A2. Tempo 300
B. Nachtbus 94


S&W and Gustaaf make up three fifths of Prongof108 which started out as a radio show on Berlin based Cashmere Radio in 2015 and turned into a record label a few years down the road. After some solo records and the release of a split EP on Turnland Records, they are now teaming up for their upcoming "It's More Fun to Commute" EP on Prongof108. Combining the forces of three guys seems like a natural fit, or to put it differently: it just happened. They've been DJing together and sharing a mutual passion for UFOs and palm trees since quite a while.

Expect a mix of 80s boogie and proto house vibes sending kisses to tropical and pacific sounds and taking you on a journey from proper house club crowd bouncing to teenage heartache downtempo electronica - always smart and with a smirk, definitely never too intelligent to dance to.