HARMONIOUS THELONIOUS | International Dance Record 2


international dance record 2

Label: Italic
Cat No: ITA113


12" electro electronic techno



A1. Shark Dance
A2. Rivera *Tolouse Low Trax Rmx*
B1. Blinky
B2. RFS (Vol.3) *Wolf Mueller Rmx*


Stefan Schwander aka Harmonious Thelonious presents with International Dance Record 2 four expansions of his latest album International Dance Record (ITA108). Two new tunes, as well as two remixes each from Tolouse Low Trax (Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf) and Wolf Müller (aka Jan Schulte, Bufiman - Themes For Great Cities, Düsseldorf).

The new tunes, condensations of the 2016 album: the waist-deep sway Blinky - the title may be read as a tribute to the artist Blinky Palermo - and the pumping Shark Dance. Walkmen set too loud, ghetto-blaster too quiet, crosstalks in the bazaar, sun-bleached fabrics shimming in the Mediterranean wind. Tolouse Low Trax's Rivera Remix drags on a hoarse scratch, relentlessly spurring on in the rhythm of approach, into the distance, a sand fortress, where a yearning horn is calling, promising comfort. Wolf Mueller's remix of RFS (Vol. 3) does not detour, and takes no prisoners. Breaking straight into the aluminum can factory and shreds what he can find. Love actually, of course. A four-fold rattling and clanking, overdriven speakers, the groove is dirty. Dancers rub against each other and on the walls. The disco machine is a human.