I.S.R. Classics | A Reflection Of The S.F. Aughts

I.S.R. Classics

a reflection of the s.f. aughts


Attention long-time Inner Sunset Recordings fans, collectors, newcomers, and anyone who might have missed getting their hands on these tracks the first time around! In response to ongoing public interest and demand, Inner Sunset Recordings is proud to announce a special 4-track E.P. that features classic works and underground dance club favorites from the earliest years of the label’s existence nearly a decade and a half ago! “I.S.R. Classics: A Reflection on the S.F. Aughts” is a 12” record that fiercely epitomizes the Inner Sunset Recordings sound and showcases some of the most loved and most highly sought after works (all remastered!) from releases: ISR1201, ISR1202, ISR1204, and ISR1205.

From the dreamy and cosmic atmosphere of The Attendant’s “Star Gazing” (A1), to the uplifting and introspective ride that is Low Top’s “Hold Me (Original Mix)” (A2), to the bold grassroots garage house sound of Homero G.’s “Shoo Be Do Anna” (B1), to the dark and ominous ambiance of Homero G.’s “Manos Lujosos” (B2) - this E.P. is the truest heart and soul of the Inner Sunset Recordings crew, imprint, and sound.