IL BOSCO | Bare Hits From The Manctalo Discotek


bare hits from the manctalo discotek

Label: Red Laser
Cat No: RL29

Status: LANDED

12" italo manctalo new wave synth techno


A1. Radio Lunacy *Il Bosco Took It To The Bat And Made Him Edit Edit*
A2. Tokio *Il Bosco's Edit Of Flemming Dalum's Centre Neptune Edit*
B1. Monkey *Il Bosco's Hardly An Edit Edit*
B2. Happy Kids *Il Bosco's Not Even A Fuckin' Edit At All Edit*


Il Bosco is back at the controls ably assisted by The Bat & Flemming Dalum.

Edit not edit tackle.

Four Red Laser bangers ready for your local diskotek - Forgotten Euro dreams, euphoric Italo & boogie tinged pop-pretenders. A bona-fide insider selection.

Limited press comes with wrap around riso print poster sleeve in pvc cover...