ISHI VU | Green Is The Colour Of Love


green is the colour of love

Label: Omena

Format: 12" Import
Cat: OMENA010

electronic nu-disco


When I was 10 years old my father took me to a flea market in a very small city up north in Sweden, Pitea. There was a little bit of everything being sold there: Ski equipment, comics, porcelain figurines and vinyl. It was there and then I came across 'Autobahn' by Kraftwerk. The thing is, we didn't have a turntable at the house we stayed in, on those cold winter weeks so I had to wait until we came back home to give the record a proper spin.

In my mind I played it several times and I thought it was amazing. I imagined it was music from the future. What I thought when I heard it for real? Didn't like it at all.

The very same feeling I imagined 'Autobahn' would sound like is the one I get after listening to Ishi Vu's debut on Omena. These five tracks, you could call it an album if you like, are playful, quirky, dreamy and very addictive. Like finding a new friend you know you want to keep for a very long time.