JOHANNES VOLK | Extra Dimensions


extra dimensions


A1. Extra Dimensions
A2. Reload Love
A3. An Old Android On A Broken Piano
B1. Hypno Hypno
B2. Rainbow Rockets
B3. 8 Bit Horizons


Johannes Volk (Exploration, Axis) delivers a debut EP for Running Back that is like a Swiss knife. Five tracks moving within the boundaries of techno music and many times well beyond those. The title track yields the way in an electric drill manner, before new wave techno, piano house and Italo tropes meets beaming electro and even a slick homage to the man referred to as the purple one. It's hard to imagine all of that without Volk's upbringing in the tropic of Frankfurt's techno legacy. Owing as much to Detroit as to Depeche Mode, it is what it is and you hopefully still just can't get enough of it.