KAPOTE | What It Is


what it is

Label: Toy Tonics
Cat No: TOYT090


12" disco electronic funk house


A1. Jaas Func Haus
A2. Delirio Italiano
B1. Brasiliko
B2. Fusion
C1. Fuck Music (Short)
C2. The Nose (Short)
C3. Salva Tion
D1. Get Down Brother (2019 Version)
D2. L.O.V.E.


With a lot of live instruments, solos, clever using of rare samples and a wide range of musical inspirations. Pure quality and freshness for 2019. But, who is Kapote?

If you are a Toy Tonics follower you know he is one of the two guys running the label. The mysterious person never showing his face. Always appearing next to Munk - the other Toy Tonic boss. But well, it's time to solve the little mystery, as it was obvious for many anyway, Kapote is Munk! It's the same person. It's Mathias Modica.

The Italo- German music nerd, labelowner, vinyl collector, keybord wizzard, DJ und producer based in Berlin. Modica is both artists, Munk & Kapote. And he is the creative mind behind Toy Tonics and Gomma. He started Toy Tonics with two friends five years ago. To release music of new talents he met around the world while djing. Before Toy Tonics he was running the (now sleeping) Gomma label. While Gomma was dedicated to indie disco and weird electronica, Toy Tonics stands for advanced funk inspirated dancemusic.