A1. Marimba
A2. Awake
B1. Awake *Noema Rmx*
B2. Images


After the success of their debut album in 2018, Kermesse again teams up for some finishing touches with Noema as a co-producer and delivers a stunning new EP for The Magic Movement.

The 4-tracker kicks off with 'Marimba' that gets you right in the mood, featuring Kermesse's trademark sound of minimal beats, dubby synths, and South American percussion.

The title track 'Awake' shifts the mood into a more playful and funky side, featuring Pedro's sleazy vocals, syncopated keys and jazzy drum fills. Caution: Sing-along-alert!!!

On the flipside, Label head honcho Noema turns 'Awake' into a hell of an anthem, taking the listener with his submarine remix from the depths of the pacific ocean to a blissful balearic ending.

'Images' picks up the balearic vibe and closes the EP with dreamy sunset house vibes.