KEYS | Voltage



Label: R.I.O.
Cat No: RIO01

Status: LANDED

dub electronic LP techno


A1. Imagine
A2. Conquest
A3. Reality
A4. Estate
B1. Keys
B2. Spass Maschine
B3. Voltage
B4. Thoughts


Keys are Benedikt Frey and Chris Cox, the front and rear covers of a lucid narrative of an incomprehensible nature. Substance induced Hara-kiri, a human consciousness leaving it's temporary and insignificant vessel, a motorcycle ride through the sands of a desolate Martian desert or a twisted eternity dissolved inside Pandora's Box. These are just a few of the scenes effortlessly evoked by the epic yet somehow erotic omnibus of slow-motion electronica that is Voltage. In a time dominated by robotic beat and melody, this 8 part expedition away from the dancefloor may surprise, disorientate and hypnotise. Allow Keys to seal you in their infinite vacuum of flirtatious melancholia.