KING PARI | Come Inside


come inside

Label: PPU
Cat No: PPU099

Status: LANDED

12" balearic boogie dub electronic leftfield psych single


A1. Come Inside
A2. Come Inside *Bassapella*
B. Come Inside *Instrumental Extended Fantasy World Mix*


Peoples Potential Unlimited hits a rather noteworthy 99th EP with this new and debut single from King Pari. The now LA based foursome make lush bedroom sounds with all the usual proudly analogue production, frayed edges and lo-fi beats you'd expect from PPU. 'Come Inside' was written remotely and "is a reaction to some people's inability to make choices." It has an aching vocal hook front and centre, neat guitar sounds, an 808 knock off and Micro Korg action all adding the finer details. The Bassapella does what it says on the tin and an extended Fantasy World mix heads off into new territory.