KONGAS | Afrodesia



Label: Malligator Preference
Cat No: BEC5543885

Status: LANDED

12" afro-rock balearic disco electronic


A1. Ready To Roar
A2. Rocket In The Pocket
A3. High’n'low
B1. Mother
B2. Mother *Instrumental*


Cerrone goes back to his roots and reforms Kongas, his first afro-rock band which sound is dominated by drums and percussions. With this project he explored through the 70’s the major influences that would eventually forged the singular "Cerrone sound" and disco music more broadly. With 3 originals and an exclusive new track, "Afrodesia" shines a light on Cerrone’s cult formation and the 7 young musicians who play with him today, standing as the heirs of a timeless sense of hedonism.