KUNZITE | Visuals



Label: Lowly
Cat No: LWLY004


12" double electronic house leftfield pop


A1. Lemon Swayze
A2. Novas
A3. Flux
A4. Jupiter
A5. Saturn
B1. Halohead
B2. Frosty
B3. Waimalien
B4. Clips
B5. Pln
C1. Supreme Beam
C2. Cielo
C3. Whistles
C4. Golden Syrup
C5. Antigravity
C6. Azurite



The movements of KUNZITE's Mike Stroud and Agustin White have seen them orbiting around each other, occasionally crossing paths yet consistently admiring each other's work. The pair traversed the globe separately with their different projects and personal adventures – Mike touring with his band Ratatat and Agustin on a spiritual journey exploring yoga, meditation and psychedelics – while looking to one day do something together. The formation of KUNZITE saw them finally able to merge their minds and mission, with a sound that blends psychedelia with electronic, beat-heavy production and live instrumentation. Most of the recording process for their new album, VISUALS, started while at Agustin's stripped back studio in Hawaii, and finished at Mike's barn studio in upstate New York, with instrumentation including acoustic, electric and lap steel guitars, organ, synthesizers and the charango.