KUTMAH | A Tribute To The Brother Ras G


a tribute to the brother ras g

Label: All City
Cat No: ACASP12X1


hip hop instrumentals LP single


01. G Speaks...
02. Beat Soup
03. Time For Luv Is Here and Now
04. G's On The LightCode / Rays In the Sun
05. Another World...
06. Ohhh Raas Vanglorious
07. Spacebased Iz[wid] the place
08. In The World...
09. Diggin At Poobah [Fa Sho]
10. Raw Fruit 3000
11. Black Dusty Rhodes
12. Arons Shout Out...
13. Dublab Rooftop
14. See Y'all Soon...
15. Tha Most High
16. On Tha Planet
17. Come To The Light
18. Leimert To Pasadena
19. Annunaki Riddim
20. Leimert to Berlin
21. ASP 404
22. Ghetto Sci-Fi Music
23. Transform-Outro


On July 29th of last year Ras G left this planet.

The only way to cope with this loss was to communicate with my friend through these beats.