LA STELE DES PLEUR | La Voix Des Vieux Temps


la voix des vieux temps

Label: Camisole
Cat No: CAM015

Status: LANDED

12" cosmic electronic italo new wave


A1. Le Temps Qui Passe
A2. Barcelone
A3. Les Larmes De Mlle S.
A4. La Voix Des Vieux Temps
B1. Garges
B2. Laisse Moi Je T'en Suplie
B3. Selena


Despite sounding like an 80's cassette only wave outfit La Stèle des Pleurs is a contemporary band from the north parisian suburbs.

They're mostly inspired by the underground tape scene of this period and use a 100% analogue set from synth and drums machines to tape recorders according to their unkwnown masters.

The 7 tracks of this mini-LP are only instrumentals somewhere between the melancholia of Enno Velthuys and the heady sound of Stratis. Their music seems untouched by contemporary world and influences, recorded in order to compose their own enigmatic but familiar universe.

Gloomy landscapes and feelings may appear but surrounded by a glimpse of hope.