LAVENDER LAGOON | Hunting Insects


hunting insects

Label: Ocean Parkway

Format: 12" Domestic
Cat: OP91

ambient balearic downtempo electronic rack rock


Ocean Parkway, the new sublabel from Brooklyn’s Names You Can Trust, launches with a deep dive! Drawing inspiration from sounds as varied as Tortoise and Trentmøller,Lavender Lagoon eschews traditional genre cliches, blending sampled drums and synthpatches to paint an electronic collage inspired by the lush, organic flow of nature. TheA-Side presents an optimistic tryptic: a boy hunting for butterflies, dogs swimming insuburban pools, and the smell of spring rain. But flip it over to Side B and a darkerrealm is revealed  one in which the cold physics of outerspace reign supreme, and the heavy computerized rhythms take control.