LEATHER (HEAVY) | Turntable Mat


turntable mat

Label: Made In Portugal

Format: Slipmats

DJ Accessories

Price is for one mat.
Diameter: 12 in. | Thickness: 1/10 in.

Custom leather construction dampens resonance from metal turntables and avoids static load. 

The mat improves performance by reducing vibration transfer to the playing surface, allowing your cartridge to deliver more stable high-fidelity performance. The high-friction yet smooth surface also allows for fluid record rotation with minimal slip.

The mat is made from a single piece of high quality leather and the underside has been intentionally left with a rough and fluffy leather finish, whereas the top is a beautifully finished smooth surface.

In use, the sound quality is enhanced giving a noticeably better-controlled sound overall and great imaging. Due to the nature of the material, there may be instances of slight marking or deformation. As they are a feature of the material. 

In view of the natural environment, the materials used come only from certified cork forests, have been produced based on sustainable forest management and in accordance with environmental standards such as the NP EN ISO 14001.