(it's a) long way / here comes the sun

Label: Aficionado

Format: 12" Import
Cat: NADO015

balearic mid-tempo Re-stocks rock

Release Notes from All Ears
In an uncertain world, it's a comfort to know that the same sun shines over all of us. From the Levenshulme vista to the beaches of Tuscany and beyond, we all bathe in the same golden warmth. And as the summer sun begins to blaze and swelter, Aficionado return with their latest release, inviting an international cast to sooth our cares with sweet sonics.
On the A-side, Italian maestro Leonardo Ceccanti takes time away from the accomplished Almunia project to deliver two different flavours of guitar led brilliance, beginning with the propulsive sound of '(It's a) Long Way'. A narcotic cocktail of Italian whizz funk and chugging coke rock, this well tuned Ferrari takes the coastal road, keeping its windswept hair in check with a designer headband and palpable determination. The guttural purr of the muscular bassline comes together with the hydraulic backbeat to power the track onwards through a chest beating rush of wild guitar solos, chanted vocals and hair-raising breakdowns, providing plenty of peak for your pound.
After that palm-sweating thrill ride, 'Cosmic Summer' offers us a much needed opportunity to catch our breath and cool our heels. Condensation beads on a chilled cerveza as Leo explores a sunrise chord progression, riffing acoustic on One Dove in a beautiful blissed out state. Things take a gradual turn for the psychedelic as the haze of warming distortion and gentle backmasking give way to the cinematic splendour of Miami Vice guitar, thumping toms and a trance inducing sequence worthy of any Dusseldorf commune. Ceccanti effortlessly relocates the nebulous creations of Richard Schneider Jr and Harry Thumann to the Ibizan terraces, serving the perfect refreshment for any summer afternoon.
On the flipside, Aficionado's Scandinavian connection continues as Stockholm's Beatfanatic remixes Oslo duo Plastic Fantastic, transforming the smooth funk groove of 'Here Comes The Sun' into ten minutes of all encompassing bliss. Mr Sjoberg layers the deepest chords you're ever likely to hear over the lilting wonder of live drums, rolling conga and rattling cowbell, transporting us onwards into a swirl of cascading electronics on the back of a pulsing bassline. A triumph of beauty and balance, this immersive composition reveals further intricacies on every listen so prepare to embrace the infinite. Simply put, it's the latest essential release from your favourite record label.
Officially Aficionado