LUCA LOZANO | Boss Moves 2 *Welcome Back*


boss moves 2 *welcome back*

Label: Running Back
Cat No: RB102


12" double electronic house minimal techno


A1. B1
A2. It's Alright
B1. Nu Life
B2. Is This Real
C1. Why So Mad
C2. Identify
C3. Cage Dance
D1. Hot Source
D2. Lean
D3. Zusammen *Ambient Mix*



Welcome Back! Now, that hopefully goes for the public & parties, life & love and most definitely for Klasse Wrecks's mastermind Luca Lozano and Running Back. Bigger and better, rougher and tougher, "Boss Moves 2" boldly starts, where the first part left us: somewhere in London's record store Bermuda triangle between Black Market, Fat Cat and Release The Groove circa 1995. You will hear traces of Italian imports and IDM, European techno, British breakbeat and bass music culture, the DNA of what would turn into tech-house. With Luca Lozano as the conduit, "Boss Moves 2" seems like a kaleidoscope of influences and a flash of inspirations. Seemingly all of a piece, it never appears like a scheme, but rather as a spirited, soulful and special double pack for dancers, DJs and devotees. Made in Sheffield and done with determination!