LUCAS CROON | Lucas Croon Ep


lucas croon ep

Label: Aiwo

Format: 12" Import
Cat: AIWO006

cosmic dub electronic house mid-tempo pre-order


Lucas Croon half of Bar and also known for his work with Dusseldorf projects like Stabil Elite and our uncle Themes For Great Cities delivers a four track EP full of downtempo synth and rhythm excursions. It's starting slow with a travel through the human spinal chord shaking it at a Suzuka Grandprix After Party in 1984 where you were praying on your knees in front of the Spiritus Sanctus because of too much champaign. You got me? All tracks recorded at Pferdest?rken Studio D?sseldorf. Cover artwork by Holger Kurt J?ger, Layout by Jannes Becherer