MAN POWER | Multi Periodic Oscillations


multi periodic oscillations

Label: Love Attack
Cat No: LA001

Status: LANDED

12" deepness dub electronic house single


A. Cepheid Variable *Pt 1*
B1. Cepheid Variable *Pt 2*
B2. Applegate Mechanism


Alan Dixon launches his brand new label 'Love Attack' with a release from fellow North Eastern Man Power. The 'Multi Periodic Oscillations EP' is three tracks from Man Power at his curious techno best. Deep, dark and dubby, suitable for all of your 3am needs. Opener 'Cepheid Variable Part 1' is 11 minutes of twists and turns, revolving around a hypnotic groove. It's baby brother Part 2 keeps the vibes in tact with 'Applegate Mechanism' closing the EP in a straight up dancefloor fashion. Keep your eyes on 'Love Attack' with many more releases lined up for the next year.