MARTI CAINE | Point Of View


point of view

Label: Be With

Status: LANDED

12" balearic cosmic disco dub funk LP re-stocks reissue


A1. Can I Speak To The World Please?
A2. I'll Never See You Again
A3. Bitch Is Love
A4. Love Is Running Through Me
A5. Who
B1. Love The Way You Love Me
B2. You Pick Me Up (& You Put Me Down)
B3. Snowbird City
B4. Tin Heart & The Rebel
B5. Too Much Between Us


Marti Caine's infamous Point Of View is a groovy blend of slow-mo funk, dark disco and precise pop. Originally released on BBC Records in 1981, it has attracted a considerable cult following this century. Featuring expert liner notes written by Bill Brewster - perhaps the record's most notable champion - this lovingly curated release is limited to just 500 copies.

The outlandish artwork - presenting a striking, green-eyed Marti treating a tiger to a headlock - has been faithfully restored and is arguably worth the price of admission alone. With access to the original tape transfers, Simon Francis' sensitive mastering elevates the sound throughout and, as ever, it has been pressed at a reassuringly weighty 180g.