MAX VINCENT | The Future Has Designed Us


the future has designed us

Label: Discom

Format: LP Import
Cat: DCM001

italo bloc leftfield new wave rack rock synth-pop

Release Notes from Discom

If you think that you know all about 80's electronic music, then you've probably missed what happened in Belgrade, once an important musical center of Europe. Names of the groups: Data, Sizike, Master Scratch Band, Beograd are known only to die hearted vinyl diggers interested in obscure electronic music worldwide. But, even for them the name Max Vincent, a synth pioneer from Belgrade, remains unknown.  What a failure!  In war torn Yugoslavia, his music was a far ahead of its time, since he brought for the very first time coldwave, minimal, EBM to this part of Europe.

If you could imagine how early Yello would sound in some exotic East European language, multiply that with the most bizarre samples with voices and sound effects you can perceive and you will get this lifework compilation. Seductive and magnificent synths, hypnotic vibes, esoteric, mysterious and Balearic tunes, all are there in these 10 never released songs. For us, this is one of the top discoveries of the year and a new addiction for sure!