MYSTICA TRIBE | DJ Sotofett's Dub Ash Mixes


dj sotofett's dub ash mixes

Label: Solar Phenomena
Cat No: SOLAR11

Status: LANDED

12" dub minimal techno


Three DJ Sotofett remixes of Tokyo producer Mystica Tribe.

“Ash of Dub Mix” opens the EP, and as the names suggests, a dub with huge rubbery kicks, oodles of echoing hits and a spaced out curiousness that sonically draws inwards. “Dub Lawn Dub” eight minutes strips it back with a meandering top line, whimsical, dreamy and encouraging synths contrasting the rickety drums tumbling below. Lastly, “Dub’right Mix” continues the producer trademark loose limbed and jumbled drums, working into a lather while synths squelches and wobbled pads parallely prospects other dimensions. Heavy deepness with percussive highlights.