N. STAL | La Plage


la plage

Label: Les Yeux Orange

Format: 12" Import
Cat: LYO002

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After entering the vinyl realm with the breezy techno of Portland’s Wav Fuzz, Les Yeux Orange train their sights a little closer to home for the follow up, heading into the Parisian underground with a deep three tracker from n.stal. Raised on a diet of Basic Channel, Viewlexx and Crème Organization, this newcomer fuses hypnotic rhythm and dreamy melody to create a fresh sound for free spirits.

Leaving the Metro at Laumière we skip through the moonlit streets to cool our heels by the Bassin De La Villette. As our feet touch the cool sands of ‘La Plage’, n.stal wraps us in the tender embrace of his swirling sonics, leading the dance with a solid kick and echoing toms. Glassy chimes punctuate the soft focus bliss of the mesmeric keys, introducing the humid breakdown of proto-house vox and Mediterranean guitar which guides us home. This is music for lucid dreams and clear nights.

On ‘Entre Les Étoiles’ n.stal serves a timely reminder that the same starlit sky stretches over all of us, scattering melancholy keys and twinkling marimba over driving machine drums and a roaring bassline. Atmospheric pads and dizzying fx fill out the soundscape as n.stal utilises the language of classic techno to create tension and release. Echoing sonar sweeps, Octave One synth strings and that full bodied bass sound hark back to the glory days of Detroit.

Closing the set in faded fashion, “Sans Lumière” stumbles out the speakers in a thick narcotic haze. Blurred keyboard vamps recline on the fringe of discord, weaving their way around the precise 909 rhythms and clanging warehouse idents.

Driving, deep and dreamily dubby, this debut from n.stal should keep the dance floor heated throughout the seasons.