NADUVE | Hypogeum




A1. Echo Wave Bay
A2. Hypogeum
B1. FX Jungle
B2. Thursday Gem


After a 5 year hiatus, Tel Aviv based artist Naduve, returns to Cocktail d'Amore Music with Hypogeum. Each of these tracks facilitates its own special part in the life of party. Starting off on a hypnotic and forward driven note Echo Wave Bay leads dancers perfectly into hypnosis with its trance inducing melodies which wave upward and downward. Title track Hypogeum begins to pull on the heart strings with its soft synths floating over pastel textures before giving way to the aptly titled FX Jungle, a deep trip into the low lying canopies of your imagination. Ending where we began Thursday Gem explores the same cyclical themes as Echo Wave but in a subdued fashion making it a perfect choice for winding down any raucous party.