NANCY NOISE | Kaia *Leo Mas & Fabrice / Manpower Rmxs*


kaia *leo mas & fabrice / manpower rmxs*

Label: Beyond Paradise

Format: 12" Import
Cat: BPR01

balearic cosmic deepness house ibiza Re-stocks


Here is the debut release from the First Lady of the 'Balearic Sound' Nancy Noise. Her influence on the Ibizan sound cannot be understated and, for those who know, Nancy's place in Eivissa's musical heritage is carved into Es Vedra. If you're not aware, it's to be expected- Nancy isn't one for creating a fuss about what she does or where she fits in. For Nancy, it's always been about the music. About the vibe. About being moved and taken to a place and time through sound.

It's also been about a drive for perfection, and that desire for perfection has meant she's never committed to vinyl before now. That, and being a full time Mum to two beautiful children. Their presence and birthplace is writ large on this, her first 12" of original music. Likewise the contributions of her friends and admirers; Leo Mas & Fabrice, Manpower, Tim Hutton and Craig Christon, who supported and encouraged Nancy's music expression in these four incredible cuts.

Beyond Paradise Recordings is honoured to bring to you this gorgeous music, by a maverick whose influence is nothing short of phenomenal. The music speaks for itself. And it's Made With Love.

Four cuts. A vibe for everybody. That's all you need to know. Nancy is so woven into the tapestry of the Balearic sound that everyone wanted to get involved in this project. Expect a second 12inch vinyl with exclusive mixes from Andrew Weatherall , Leo Mas & Fabrice and Project Paradise (Tim Hutton & Craig Christon).


By this stage any respecting collector should have amassed a fair few stamps in their Passport To Paradise, but none will be prepared for the first edition of Beyond Paradise. Where previous releases have focused on weird, wonderful and always danceable edits, this new venture is all about original releases, and kicks off with something frankly amazing - the debut vinyl release from Nancy Noise. Now, if the name's new to you, then prepare for a face palm, because we're talking about the first lady of the Balearic sound.

You can be forgiven for any ignorance though, as Nancy's disdain for fuss, commitment to her childer and unwavering quest for perfection have kept her musical contributions on the down low - until now that is. "Kaia" stretches out of a peaceful slumber with the delicate sound of fingerpicked strings, twinkling Rhodes and emotive strings, gradually growing in stature and sound until those dreamy melodies are joined by full bodied bass swells, nimble backbeats and mournful trumpet. Pure and simple, this is beauty distilled into vinyl form. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, and the "Un Beso No Mata" variation of the title track by Leo Mas and Fabrice is every bit as stunning, tumbling into club tempos with a hefty kick, gliding keys and a tribal bassline. The sun's orange glow burns bright over a distant sea, but you're more concerned with the sweating throng of wide eyed dancers welcoming you into their ranks with a collective grin/gurn. "Azizi's Dance" keeps the Mediterranean dance floor packed to the rafters (who am I kidding, this is open air tackle!) as a rhythmic slink and trotting bassline driving spaced out synthwork and chiming piano straight into the post peak. Heads down tackle for the beards and sandals; this is the kind of house you'd lose your mind to at an Idjuts gig, just wait for the Chi-town pjano to land for the second half. Geordie superstar Manpower swings by on a remix tip, closing the set with his "Bottle Poppin' 89" rework of the titular "Kaia". Studiously observing all the shoulder rolling dogma of a low tempo Frankie Knuckles jam, MP hangs us on a string without leaving anyone at a Loose End - tight!