NEUD PHOTO | Dystopix



Label: Mysidian

Format: 12" Domestic
Cat: MSDN1204

dark wave/synth deepness drug chug electro house Re-stocks


Dystopix comes 3 years after the last Neud Photo record and the wait was well worth it. Things have gotten darker with this release. Elegant craftsmanship, subtle but effective vocals whisper throughout, and as always, it's Cybotron influence is clear. The tracks flow with an eery cohesiveness, making it Neud Photo's most well told story to date. The hard part is figuring out whether the story is fiction or (soon to be) reality.

These 6 electro hits can easily be enjoyed either chapter by chapter (songs for the mix or dancefloor), or as a whole (for bedroom listening). Mastered by Rude 66.

First 60 copies include a handstamped photo insert.