NUNORTHERN SOUL | Summer Selections One


summer selections one

Label: NuNorthern Soul
Cat No: NUNSSS001

Status: LANDED

12" Balearic classy bangers house new age


A1. NICK J SMITH | Waves Take Hold
A2. BONNIE & KLEIN | Ocean Leap
AA. MIRAGE | Endless Ocean


With such a raft of quality music coming across the Summer from NuNorthern Soul, we thought we would put together an EP of some of the tracks featuring across the upcoming months...

We have taken our favourite tracks from various digital releases and present them on one vinyl 12" EP On the A side we take Nick J Smith's 'Waves Take Hold' from the Waves Take Control EP'. 'Waves Take Hold', is a kaleidoscopic, life-affirming exercise in late 1980's style Italian Dream House, that's so warm and rush-inducing that it's likely to get the hairs on the back of your neck standing to attention. Full of ricocheting drum machine hits, sun-bright lead lines, elongated chords and rich bass, it sounds like it was tailor-made to soundtrack sunrise in Rimini...

Bonnie & Klein's 'Ocean Leap' taken from the Ocean Leap EP rounds out the A side.

There's a deeper and dreamier feel to the 'Ocean Leap' track, whose bubbly melodic motifs and synthesizer panpipe flourishes offer subtle nods towards 1980's Greek new age electronic composers such as Vangelis Katsoulis amd Dimitris Petsatakis. Bonnie & Klein's synthesizer-heavy melodiousness comes accompanied by dub disco strength bass and undulating, off-kilter drums, but retains the rush-inducing bliss associated with the pioneering work of their Greek predecessors.

AA is given up to the 10 minute + track from Mirage: 'Endless Ocean' taken from their Reflections of the Sun EP. 'Endless Ocean' is a slowly building masterpiece. After a hushed, atmospheric opening, the track bubbles away on waves of hazy bongo beats, lapping water sounds and seductive chords before rushing skywards in a swarming swirl of trance-style synthesizer lead lines, echoing electronics and picturesque piano motifs.