PEJZAZ | Blues




A1. Intro
A2. Moje Miejsce
A3. Jak Zapomniec
A4. Deszcz Skit
A5. Noc
A6. Kiedy Jestes Blisko
A7. Nie Ma Milosci
B1. Smooth Jazz Skit
B2. Nie Pamietam Kiedy
B3. W Oblokach
B4. Szklo Skit
B5. Nocne Graffiti
B6. Czy Pamietasz Letni Wiatr
B7. Blues
B8. Outro



The mysterious Pejzaz (1/2 of Ptaki) returns to The Very Polish Cut-Outs for another sample-based excursion. While his debut - 'Ostatni Dzien Lata' ('The Last Day of Summer') was a love letter to the 60's to 70's nostalgia, baroque pop, soul (and their extension through the golden age hip hop), the sophomore is built around dancefloor oriented cuts, deep house, r'n'b and quirky excerpts from Polish pop (like a couple of bars nicked from a Duran Duran cover). It fills in the gap for a proper house/pop/DJ album coming from Eastern Europe.