PHARAOHS | Rinse Dream


rinse dream

Release Notes from All Ears

A very warm welcome to Los Angeles based record label VINYLS ON WAX, run by Daddy Differently (Dublab's Things Of Life) and Tommy Moye (Rong Music). This debut 12 comes courtesy of PHARAOHS, whose previous musical outings under this alias include stunning releases on revered labels like ESP Institute & 100% Silk ! Multi-instrumentalists, alongside the mighty Diego Herrera (Dude Energy, Suzanne Kraft, Odd Numbers) result in something of a Californian super group!

Rinse Dreams begins with the title track, easing into a mid-tempo and slowly unfurling epic, which could quite easily be the sound of a peyote trip condensed into nine glorious minutes. Flip for Mr Fontel, a much livelier workout that's all humming circuitry and pulsing rhythm track, whose metronomic drive never undermines the 'live performance' and organic feel of this irresistible jam. Finally El Datil is as sweet and sticky as its name would suggest, another pulsating, syncopated sonic journey that blows through like the Sundowner winds.