POLYNATION | Wildeburg



Label: Atomnation
Cat No: ATMV082


12" electronic krautrock single trance


A. Wildeburg
B1. Coral
B2. Coral Pt II


With signature acoustic drums, synthwork, breakbeats, and soundscapes, Polynation offers a highly spirited electronic EP with hints of trance, electronica, and krautrock. Arrangements are key - opening track Wildeburg is an 8-minute piece that moves in all directions, yet it feels like one cohesive work: a melancholic homage to the festival fields. Coral, the b-side of the release, is split into two parts. The first version continues where Wildeburg left off, eventually concluding with a beautiful synth-led anticlimax. The second part of Coral is a modest, alternative take of the original mix. The track Wildeburg is named after the Dutch festival Wildeburg where Polynation played one of their most memorable shows last year. We send our love to the crew, founders, and everyone else involved.