the scene over

Label: Ocean Parkway

Format: 12" Domestic
Cat: OP92

deepness electronic house


Ocean Parkway, the new sublabel from Brooklyn’s Names You Can Trust, continues into the deep with a future dance sureshot! Prince of Queens aka Felipe Quiroznormally lends his talented musicianship on keys and bass to the live ensembles of Combo Chimbita and MAKU Soundsystem, but behind the closed doors of his BunkerStudio a new sector of blissfully solo, machine-made electronic rhythms are steadily bubbling to the surface. Call it techno as imagined by a tropicalista, as the vintage analog tones of classic house are twisted by a kaleidoscope of influences bothCaribbean and Chicagoan.  From the wavy beachside vibes of the EP’s opening number, to the deep, evolving arrangements of The Scene Over and The End Scene,on to the jazz-chord-fueled robotic timbale rhythms of Thank You Friends, and finally forward to the future-tropical polyrhythmic sequencing of Winter Islander, it’s an impressive range of style and skills on display from this talented and up and coming producer.

QUOTES for Prince of Queens - The Scene Over :

“Tough, star-gazing beauties, the lot of them” – Mr. Scruff
“Solid EP with a killer standout track THANK YOU FRIENDS.” – Ashley Beedle
"Super well-conceived EP. Both reverential and exploratory at the same time. Fullsupport!"  JKriv (Razor N Tape)
“QUEENS REPRESENT! THE GALAXY IN FULL EFFECT. Love it, love it, love it!” –Love On The Run (Melodies)
“Excellent!” – Waajeed (Dirt Tech Reck)
“Weird in a good way, like he's tried to make [house] without ever listening to a house
record. I like that.” – Bill Brewster (Last Night a DJ Saved My Life, DJ History)
"Nasty! Chicago bounce, Detroit Melodies and NY soul to boot. Love The End Scene!” -
Duane Harriot (Devin Dare)