REBELLO | Speedrun




A1. Ilha Enorme Minuscula
A2. Montanha Legal Legal
A3. Passeio Arco Iris
A4. Reloginho Tic Tac
A5. Desvio Areia Terra


You are now entering the fluffy zone. 40% Foda/Maneirissimo proudly presents one of Rio de Janeiro's best kept secrets, Rebello. The cute-faced producer debuts in the music world with the Speedrun EP, an allegory to his skills in Nintendo 64 games, developed from his gaming sessions with Team Cafil. The boy is no stranger to the 40% sound. A fan of Bomberman Hero and other video game soundtracks since his childhood (his friendship with Guerrinha dates back to the school years).

Rebello bring us to a new place in this very short 5-track venture, a place where pokemon, jazz and digital synths are not enemies but complementary things, making the perfect soundtrack for when you enter that ice castle or the Zora Domain, the level of chilling cuteness here is so crazy that it brings a new side to the concept of "smoker's delight".

The record opens in a soft downtempo way with the arps and jazz chords of "Ilha Enorme Minuscula", following that it comes the more guitar-and-penguin-based "Montanha Legal Legal". "Passeio Arco Iris" is that fast paced Repetentes 2008-style with sugary synth hooks and wah-wah guitars (we warned you: is so cute it hurts). "Reloginho Tic-Tac" is that interlude that might make you question if you're living reality or dreaming with Togepi buying a guitar and trying to cover Larry Heard records from '95. "Desvio Areia Terra" closes this wonderful piece of work with fake flutes and crazy structure.

It might be one-sided, but its one for your dreams. The beard-free boy is here to change the mood.